About Us

We are Irreplaceables. You may ask, why do we call ourselves Irreplaceables? Well, we think that our products are made to be the best quality and therefore, irreplaceable. Being irreplaceable would seem impossible to many, it seemed impossible to us too, but we were the ones that were there to take up the challenge, to become irreplaceble.

In our company and eyes, quality has many factors. With having the title of being irreplaceable, one big factor would be being very resilient and hard to break, therefore removing the need to being replaced. Apart from that, the equipment and product must also be good to use, nice to use and have many features, so that you would be using a good product forever. We value quality control a lot, so that our title will not be tarnished by small errors.

Our Team

Our team is currently still very small. We are all based in Singapore and is still, a local company.

If you're staying in Singapore or Malaysia and is interested in joining us to make irreplaceable products, you can apply by clicking on our hiring page!

Our History

This company was originally started by 2 best friends in secondary school that wanted to take up the challenge of being irreplaceable. We started off small with ideas while we were still in school until we started producing our first product, the water bottle, which is still being sold and is our most sought after product. We then slowly branched out and hired more people to allow us to have some breathing space and to ensure that we do not get overwhelemed by the requests.

Our future plans would be to slowly branch out to become a global company, being as big as Nike.