Is this really as good as advertised?

Yes! There are even user testimonials in the website that you can look at that testifies our features of our products.

How do I get one of your products?

You can either buy them through this website or, visit our store at 137 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 416003 #02-23

Do you ship your products overseas?

Yes! we cover shipping worldwide! However, shipping is only free within Singapore and Malaysia. The cost would then vary on delivary times and distance from Singapore as the company and production is based in Singapore.

Where can I give my feedback?

You can either give your feedback through the website or, through our phone numbers, which can be found in the Contact page.

Will you all make x product?

We are currently trying to come up with ideas to make irreplaceable versions of everything! But with such low manpower, it would take sometime.

Can I join your company/partner with your company?

For partnerships, you can contact us through the business enquiry page. For joining our company as an employee, we are currently looking for talents in our local area of Singapore and Malaysia, if you're intereested, come apply now!