Main Products

Water Bottle

"Indestructable" Water Bottle[$5-$20]

Created with the latest material technology, it is practically indestructable.

Water bottle is capable of surviving 20 storey falls and getting ran over by a car.

Also offers the standard features of any other good water bottles.

Features include, heat insulation, filtration by the latest technology, resistance by the latest technology, easy handling and non toxic material.

Perfect for travellers, cheap and affordable for all. Comes in different colors and sizes.


Anti Theft Multipurpose Backpack[$42-$128]

Anti Theft. Done by making hard to reach components for people that are on the move(Pickpocketers.)

Full size, Design does not take up any space that would be in a regular bag.

Perfect for travellers, has many components for many different types of items

Some examples would be for laptops, chargers, water bottles and more.

Other Products


Denim Jeans[$42-$58]

Made with cheap and affordable material while still taking care of quality and looks.

Fashionable and Comfortable.

Comes in different colors and sizes.


Sweaters [$32-$48]

Excellent and perfect for winter.

Provides extremely good heat insulation.

Extremely comfortable and reasonably priced.

Looks extremely fashionable.

Comes in a multitude of colours and sizes.


Jackets [$52-$68]

Extremely comfortable and fashionable

Comes in different sizes and colours to fit your needs.

Reasonably priced and affordable.

Made with extremely good material with decent insulation provided.